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Sample folder

We send you a sample folder on request (only available with 125kHz and/or 13.56MHz).


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Polyimide / Copper UHF RFID Inlays

B-Id has introduced a new family of UHF RFID inlay products based on polyimide (PI) and copper (Cu) structure.  

This new family of PI / Cu inlays exhibit excellent detection performance, high reliability, and superior stability characteristics. Thanks to the usage of PI and Cu as their core building materials and SMT manufacturing process, these inlays can endure harsh environmental variations which CAN NOT be done with typical PET / Aluminum inlays based on flipchip process.

As the result of secondary chip packaging, B-Id’s inlays adopt most of the commercially available UHF chip technology, B-Id’s PI / Cu UHF inlays have additional protection for inlay’s most critical component. A stronger and rigid connection between the UHF IC and the antenna is the direct benefit of the SMT process.   Compared to traditional PET / Aluminum inlays based on flipchip process where the inlay’s UHF chip and the antenna is “glued” by “conductive gels”, and can suffer loss of adhesion due to moisture absorption under humid environment. However, SMT solder joints do not suffer from humidity caused connectivity degradation and can work with expected stable performance.

With the usage of better electrical conducting material, copper, for antenna, B-Id UHF inlays deliver better RF performance and hence much stable performance.

Demo-kit for Stored-Value Card available.

The demo-kit includes 1x reader/writer, 1x SV card (printed), 1x SV card (not printed) and documentation on CD.

Price: 400,-€ e/a. Lead time is about 4 Weeks. Datasheet